Hey, I'm Joshua Strobl

Open source developer. Experience Lead of Solus. Entrepreneur. Coffee addict.

Dev Diary 10: Koto June Progress Report

In this development diary, I provide an update on progress made on Koto in the month of June 2021!

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Open Source

Some open source projects I work on.


An in-development audiobook, music, and podcast manager that is designed for and caters to a modern desktop Linux experience.


Sauron is an extensible page parser written in Go.


Narwhal is a modern IRC bot written in Go.


The Budgie Desktop is a feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user.

Contributing To Solus

Solus GNOME (Artistic)

Solus builds an ecosystem of Linux software and a modern Linux-based operating system focused on modern home computing devices.

I take enjoyment out of being a part of something bigger than myself. I work alongside a vibrant community and team, developing an operating system used by people all around the world. I am the Experience Lead of Solus, tasked with responsibilities of:

  1. Development, enablement, and support of Budgie and GNOME desktop environments.
  2. Development and support of various platforms and tools related to community engagement, internationalization and accessibility.
  3. Development of desktop-focused applications to service modern home computing needs.

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