Hey, I'm Joshua Strobl

CEO of Streambits. Experience Lead of Solus. Coffee addict.

I am a plain-spoken individual that is enthusiastic about building smarter, more connected environments and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the world.

One Giant Leap

I don’t think there is any better of way starting out this blog post by stating that I’m thrilled to announce my first start-up: Streambits.

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Open Source

Some open source projects I work on.


Syiro is a highly-focused framework for building frontend applications.


A Golang package of common utilities for command execution, input, and IO.


Narwhal is a modern IRC bot written in Go.


Noodles is an opinionated project manager.


Trunk is a primitive logging package for Golang.

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Faux Editor
Solus GNOME (Artistic)

Contributing To

Solus Project

Solus Project builds an ecosystem of Linux software and a modern Linux-based operating system focused on modern home computing devices.

I take enjoyment out of being a part of something bigger than myself. I work alongside a vibrant community and team, developing an operating system used by people all around the world. I am the Experience Lead of Solus, tasked with responsibilities of:

  1. Development, enablement, and support of Budgie and GNOME desktop environments.
  2. Development and support of various platforms and tools related to community engagement, internationalization and accessibility.
  3. Continued role of community engagement across the blog and social media accounts.