My Setup




Total Dimensions: 7360x2160

Lenovo Group Limited LEN T27p-10 (DP-2) - 3840x2160

Acer K222HQL (HDMI-1) - 1920x1080

ViewSonic VA2013w (HDMI-0) - 1600x900

CPU & Graphics

AMD Ryzen 1700 (8c/16t)

ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti Cerberus Advanced Edition


Total: ~5.2TB

1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus (NVMe)

2TB Toshiba DT01ACA200 (HDD)

3TB Toshiba DT01ACA300 (HDD)

240GB Kingston UV400 (SSD)

Other Components

Case: NZXT S340 Elite (Color: White)

CPU Cooler: Raijintek LETO PRO + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (paste)

Memory: Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) Vengeance LPX, DDR4 3200MHz

Network Card: Intel 9301CT

Webcam: Logitech C920


2FA: 2x Yubico YubiKey 4

Keyboard: Vortex POK3R RGB, Cherry MX Brown

Microphone: Blue Microphones Yeti (Blackout Edition)

Mouse: Logitech G403


ASUS 15.6in Vivobook K505ZA

AMD Ryzen R5-2500U


Operating System & Desktop Environment

I use Solus, a Linux-based operating system focused on modern home computing devices and optimized for the x64_64 architecture. As the Experience Lead of Solus, I am involved in working on various technical and community aspects of the project and its software, e.g.

My desktop environment of choice is Budgie Desktop.

Integrated Development Environment

No matter the language I am writing in, Visual Studio Code is my choice for an integrated development environment. While using an Electron-based editor would not be my first choice, the reality is Code’s use of JavaScript / TypeScript alongside its comprehensive set of APIs and language server support, makes it the most approachable and extensible editor.

My Visual Studio Code is set up with a myriad of extensions, different font and theme, etc. – all broken down below.


Font Family: Fira Sans

Font Size: 18px (22px when streaming)

Icon Theme: Material Icon Theme

Syntax + UI Theme: Eva Dark


Better TOML


Explicit Folding

GitLens - Git supercharged


JavaScript and TypeScript Nightly

Project Manager


Task Explorer

Todo Tree

Toggle Light/Dark Theme



Render Whitespace: all

Spaces or Tabs: Tabs, equivelant to 4 spaces.

Zen Mode: Full Screen - Disabled

Zen Mode: Hide Activity Bar - Disabled

Zen Mode: Hide Line Numbers - Disabled

Zen Mode: Hide Status Bar - Disabled

Zen Mode: Hide Tabs - Disabled

Zen Mode: Silent Notifications - Disabled


Here is a list of other various software choices. Some may list multiple depending on usecase.